What To Do If An Intruder Breaks Into Your Home

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People spend a lot of time thinking about what they can do to avoid a break-in. However, the painfully true reality is that break-ins do occur, and not always when the family is away. It's incredibly important that all homeowners know what to do to protect themselves and their families in the event an intruder breaks into the house while they're home. Discover a safety plan you should set in place now to ensure you're prepared for the unexpected.

Exit Strategy

Develop an exit strategy with your family now. As part of the strategy, determine how each family will safely escape the house in the event of an intrusion, without being detected. For example, if your teenager's bedroom is on the first floor, you can show him or her how to quickly climb out the window. You should also strategize a meeting spot that everyone will travel to, such as a neighbor's home. 


When you hear someone break into your home, the first thing you want to do naturally is to react, but you should resist the urge. Listening in the first few moments can tell you a lot about what's going on. For example, if you hear the person talking, then it's easy to surmise that there is more than one person in the house. As they move through your house you can also get a better sense of exactly where they are. 

Remaining Calm

Being awakened to a shattered glass or busted door can send you into panic mode, but you need to stay calm. When a person is excited, they lose the ability to concentrate and focus. In such a dangerous time, you need to be aware of your actions to ensure you are not putting your safety at further risk. For example, for a scared intruder, people running around the house screaming might send he or she into panic mode and make them feel backed into a corner, which could lead to all sorts of unfortunate scenarios. 

Alert System

Ensure you have an alert system in place. Before you do anything else, you need to notify the police that someone is in your home so that an officer can be dispatched to you right away. A home alarm system is incredibly helpful in this instance. Many modern alarms have one-touch alert systems and key fobs that allow you to signal an emergency and get help to your home as quickly as possible. 

A home security system is a valuable asset in this type of scenario or any other instance when an intruder tries to gain access to your home. Make sure you contact an installation specialist, such as at Tele-Plus, to get a home security system installed as soon as possible.