The 5 People You Need To Build An Online Brand For Your Business

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By definition, branding is the logo, slogan, and color scheme you choose for your business. In this ever-advancing digital age, however, branding is so much more than that. Everything about your company, from how your website looks to your sociopolitical outlook is judged. You need a great team in place to build and manage your brand.  

1. Social Media Manager: With all the social platforms--old standbys and up-and-comers--out there, you need someone to manage them all. Someone to make sure your message is consistent across the board, yet varied enough to appeal to the users of each platform. Social media managers take the content you produce and tweak it for each platform to gain the most attention for your brand. 

2. Web Designer: Having a gorgeous website is a hallmark of a successful brand these days. While you may have started out in the basement with a free Wordpress site, you need to customize it sooner rather than later. A skilled web designer is just the person for that job. They are that in-between person bridging the gap between your ideas and the code that needs to be eventually written. 

3. Web Developer: Where a website designer makes everything look nice, a web developer makes it actually work. This is the person who writes and edits the snippets of code in your CSS. While they do not have a direct hand in building your brand, there would not be a brand without their coding skills. People hate websites that don't load properly. Treat your web developer well. Contact a company like Megastream for more information on web design and development.

4. Content Manager: Businesses need all sorts of content produced and distributed on various social media platforms as well as in print in order to be successful, build a brand, and stay relevant. From blog posts and white papers to videos and branded memes, this person is in charge of creating everything that you put out into the world about your company. You determine your "message," and they put it into words for you. 

5. Influencers: These are the people living the blogger life or posting the ultimate Instagram picture. They have hundreds of thousands of followers on platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. People listen to what they have to say and want to emulate everything about them, from their personal style to the products that they buy to even the vacations that they take. Brands may just send free products for review or they may have a paid relationship with the influencer.

Having a robust team working together to build your brand is essential for any online business today.