Dogs And Security Systems: They Aren't The Same

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For many years, a pet was often thought of as an automatic home security system and all that was needed to keep a home safe. However, while dogs are a great aid in the event of a break-in, having a pet isn't enough to safeguard your home. If you're not convinced, learn about some of the pitfalls that came along with relying on a dog as a home security system. 

Calling for Help

Your dog can bark, yell, and even bite an intruder when they enter into your home. However, none of their actions will get the police or another responder to your home. Dogs simply can't contact the authorities and let them know that someone has broken into the house; only an alarm system can. 

While alerting the authorities after a break-in might seem irrelevant, the reality is that notifying the authorities can lessen the severity of the event. If an intruder knows someone is on the way, they're more likely to leave your home, even if that means doing so empty-handed.

Temperament Concerns

All dogs have a temperament, or personality, of sorts. Some dogs behave with stranger danger in mind, in that any person that visits the home isn't met with a friendly greeting. On the other hand, there are dogs that never meet a stranger. 

If you have a dog that is more in line with the latter scenario, they might not even bark when an intruder enters the home, which will do little to alert you, or even a nearby neighbor that something is wrong. To an alarm system, there is nothing personal — an intruder is an intruder. Your alarm will sound, and the authorities will be in route. 

Intruder Threats

Dogs are resilient and strong, but to a vicious criminal, a dog is extremely vulnerable. An intruder might trap a pet in a room, muzzle their bark, or do whatever is necessary to get in and around your home without alerting anyone of their presence.

However, with a home alarm system, you are relying on state-of-the-art technology that is no match for the common criminal. From sensors to Wi-Fi-enabled control panels, a home security system reduces your vulnerability and puts the protection of your home in your hands, giving your pet the backup, they deserve.

Does your home not have a security system? If so, it's time to give your dog a break. Contact a home security company like A Tech Security to discuss your security needs and installation concerns.