Useful Features That Come with Dealership Management Software

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Running a dealership can require a lot of organization and you will need to provide phenomenal customer service to set yourself ahead of the competition. Customers expect your company to be online and to provide them with a broad range of options when shopping for and purchasing cars especially as customers are more reluctant to come into the dealership. Fortunately, dealership management software can aid in this process.

Inventory Management

Dealership management software provides you with updated information on your current inventory. This not only includes your vehicles but also the parts used to maintain your vehicles. Your dealership management software can also help you keep track of when a customer needs to service his or her vehicle if you offer this service.

Marketing Features

With dealership management software, you will find marketing automation features. For example, appointment management software can make it easier to schedule an appointment with a potential sale. Oftentimes, dealers must juggle multiple customers some of which are intending to make a purchase soon and others who are simply looking. It can be difficult to juggle the needs of each type of customer. Many dealer management software programs also come with web management features so that you can efficiently market your cars online and improve your search engine visibility.

Payment Features

Payment management makes it easier for you to accept a broad range of payments and also keep track of whether customers have paid you on time. Customer account management allows you to create an account that then allows your customers to make payments using whichever method is the most convenient and also allows you to more easily keep track of your customers. An e-commerce interface makes it much easier for customers to purchase vehicles.


Sales and profit analytics allow your dealership to make business decisions based on the income that is coming in. You are also able to determine what types of cars are selling and which aren't moving. Based on the type of dealership you run, the software may also provide specific features in this area. For example, there may be features available for dealerships that sell RVs. 

Integration with Other Apps

You are likely using several services and apps alongside your payment management software. Fortunately, many dealership management software programs come with the ability to seamlessly integrate these apps into your dealership software management program so that you can get more done.